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Harris Institute recommends that students research other schools to discover the program that best meets their needs. Audio production and music industry programs in Ontario are at:

Tuitions at the Private Career Colleges (PCC's) above are posted by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) at click here and a summary is available at Frequently Asked Questions. Tuitions at the Community Colleges are generally posted on their website. Other programs in Canada and the United States are at:

Jim Lamarche has taught or guest lectured at most of the major recording/music industry schools for 25 years. On June 1, 2011 he updated his Report Card on "Media Arts Education in Canada".

"John Harris left Trebas Institute in 1989 with his own vision and ideas on how entertainment/recording arts should be taught and was the second serious school of it's kind to evolve. It's truly unique and I give it an A as it is a humble and yet powerful little institution that's less expensive than most (offering the same curricula) giving it the edge. It's sense of 'community' is strong and the instruction is top notch ... a lot of history there. I believe it to be the best education value in the Greater Toronto Area. Recommended"

For Jim Lamarche's full Report Card with comments click here.

Prospective students should request background information on a school's current faculty and make every effort to communicate with the school's graduates. Harris Institute's current faculty bios are at Faculty and graduates emails are at Alumni.

The MTCU determines and publishes the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for Student Loan Default Rates by program and institution. Click here.

Harris Institute's Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for:
Student Loan Default Rates
200620072008 2009
RAM (now AMP)
PEP (now APP)
Average Default Rate for all Private Career Colleges in Ontario in 2009 is 15.1%. Harris Institute is the only College or University to have achieved 0% Student Loan Default Rates.

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