The Arts Management Program (AMP) is an accelerated twelve month Diploma program featuring 62 courses that focus on the new music industry, from evolving technologies and business models to entrepreneurial opportunities. The 54 member Award Winning Faculty are all active industry leaders. The program is offered in 3 four month semesters starting in March, July and November and features experiential learning, including the following major team projects:
  1. Confidential Records - administration and operation of an independent record label over an 8 month period.
  2. Artist Management Companies - set up and operation of artist management companies over an 8 month period.
  3. Interdisciplinary Company Projects (ICP) - proposals for music related companies presented to industry leaders.
  4. Marketing Presentation - Class writes and presents a marketing plan to an established music industry company.
  5. Music Video Production - Class selects artist, story- boards, shoots and edits a music video.
  6. International Tour Management (ITM) - Students from Harris and Scotland's UWS coordinate international tours.
The 3:50 minute student film created in 60 min. using only the equipment students brought to class (cellphones, etc.) has surpassed 80K views on YouTube! To view video click here

Jim Lamarche updated his Report Card on Media Arts Education in Canada with the following:

"I’m thinking that Harris Institute’s Arts Management Program is probably the best of it’s kind in Canada for 2 reasons – John Harris (founder / director) has many years of experience in artist management and knows the business inside out, upside down and backwards. Also Bob Roper who heads the AMP, is an industry veteran who has worked in A & R, publicity/promotion and has been a tour manager for major recording artists signed to major labels – these guys KNOW what they’re talking about. They are both extremely passionate/committed about what they do as well. Harris get’s top marks for their AMP program and I would recommend it hands down over any other school..." 

Courses / Faculty

Level 1 (4 months)
  1. Advertising Arts / Roland Parliament
  2. Art of Leadership / John Harris
  3. Artist Management I / Bob Roper
  4. Artist Series / Bill King
  5. Audio Post Theory I / Yuri Gorbachow
  6. Computer Science / Martin Pilchner
  7. Digital Culture / Kathleen Farley
  8. Final Cut Pro / Christian McKibbin
  9. Live Sound I / Bo Cairo
  10. Music Industry Math / Clinton Somerton
  11. Music Marketing I / Dan Broome
  12. Music Publishing & Copyright / Dave Betts
  13. Music Theory I / Dr. Mike Daley, Ph. D
  14. Music Video Production / Scott Eldridge & Joe Fried
  15. The NEW Music Industry / Bob Roper
  16. Oh Canada! / Bob Roper
  17. Popular Culture / Dr. Mike Daley, Ph. D
  18. Producing/Engineering I / Doug McClement
  19. Sound Synthesis / Don Garbutt
  20. U.N.I.T. Why? / Will Strickland
  21. Math Tutorials (optional) / Clinton Somerton
    Course descriptions below

Level 2 (4 months)

  1. Applied Marketing / Dan Broome
  2. Artist Management II / Bob Roper
  3. Artist & Repertoire / David Quilico
  4. Booking Agency / Nicole Rochefort
  5. Broadcasting Arts / Liz Janik
  6. Computer Graphics I / Erin Craig
  7. Confidential Records / Anne-Marie Smith
  8. Contemporary Issues / Bob Roper
  9. Contracts & Negotiations / Anne-Marie Smith
  10. Digital Marketing / Ashley Sperling
  11. Graphic Design / Patrick Duffy
  12. International Tour Management / Bob Roper
  13. Music & Media / Jane Harbury
  14. Music Marketing II / Dan Broome
  15. Music Merchandising / Mike Balogh
  16. Print Production & Packaging / Patrick Duffy
  17. Strategic Partners / Bobby Kimberley
  18. Tour Management / Bob Roper
  19. Venue Management / Richard Carson
  20. Web Development I / Kathleen Farley
    Course descriptions below

Level 3 (4 months)

  1. Accounting Applications / Jay Abraham
  2. Applied Marketing II / Dan Broome
  3. Art of Leadership II / John Harris
  4. Artist Management III / Bob Roper
  5. Business of Writing / Brant Frayne
  6. Computer Graphics II / Erin Craig
  7. Concert Promotions / Stephane Lecuyer
  8. Confidential Recordings / Fergus Hambleton
  9. Creative Entrepreneur / David Quilico
  10. Data Management / Kathleen Farley
  11. Guest Lecture Series / Bob Roper
  12. Harris Three-Sixty / Anne-Marie Smith
  13. Indie at Retail / Jay Devonish
  14. International Marketing / Graham Stairs
  15. Leader Lab / Kathleen Farley & Anne-Marie Smith
  16. Music Supervision / Yuri Gorbachow
  17. Music Marketing III / Dan Broome
  18. Radio & Video Promotions / Demetrius Nath
  19. This Business of Image / Zayna Mosam
  20. Web Development II / Kathleen Farley
  21. Internship Placement  / Bob Roper
    Course descriptions below

Courses change as the industry evolves. Internships at music related companies are an option for all those successfully completing the program. Some of the companies that have previously participated are at Internship Program.

Prerequisites / Tuition / Terms of Payment

AMP Level 1

  • Prerequisites: Ontario Secondary School Diploma or its equivalent. Preference is given to those with previous post secondary education and a demonstrated longstanding interest in the area of study.
  • Tuition: Level 1: $5,715.00
  • Terms of Payment: Payment is due thirty (30) days after receiving written acceptance. Applicants accessing OSAP/Canada Student Loans are required to post a $500.00 tuition deposit twenty-one (21) days after acceptance with documentation of the loan applied for.

AMP Level 2 & 3

  • Prerequisites: The successful completion of AMP Level 1
  • Tuition: Level 2: $5,715.00 Level 3: $5,715.00
  • Terms of Payment: Payment is due thirty (30) days prior to Levels 2 and 3 or as determined by Registrar.
  • Total AMP Tuition: $17,145.00

The Arts Management Program achieved an unprecedented six 0% Student Loan Default Rates over the last eight years.
Application Deadlines

Priority consideration is given to applications received 60 days or more before a term start. Applications received after the deadline are considered as space permits.

Graduates completing both APP and AMP are awarded Music Business Professional Certification and the $2,500 MBP Bursary. (Total: 20 months) Students who complete both programs are being accepted directly into the MA's in 'Songwriting & Performance' and 'Music: Innovation and Entrepreneurship' at  the University of the West of Scotland (UWS). MBP tuition: AMP 1, 2, 3 = $17,145 + APP 2, 3 ($13,770) = $30,915 - $2,500 (Bursary) = $28,415.
3 Credentials in 20 Months, or 4 in 32!
  1. Honours Diploma, Arts Management Program (AMP)           12 months
  2. Honours Diploma, Audio Production Program (APP)              8 months
  3. Certificate, Music Business Professional (MBP) for APP + AMP
  4. Master's Degree from UWS                                               12 months
Total: 32 months 
See Harris International Program (HIP) for information on programs at the University of the West of Scotland. 

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