Academic Guidelines PRINT  

The Academic Guidelines were created by the Harris Institute Student Council in consultation with students in 1990.

Academic Pass Mark

To successfully complete any course, the student must achieve a combined average mark from all tests, assignments and exams of not less than 60%.


To earn a diploma the student must successfully complete every course within the program with not less that 60%.

Honours Diploma

A student achieving a combined average in excess of 80% from all courses within a program is awarded the Honours Diploma


Consistent attendance in all courses is mandatory. Chronic absences may jeopardize the student's ability to continue or complete the course presently enrolled in.

Late Assignments

At the discretion of the instructor, and with valid reason for lateness, 10% shall be deducted per day, to a maximum of five days, after which late assignments and projects will not be accepted. All late submissions must be delivered to a member of the Harris Administration with a date of receipt recorded.

Absence from Tests and Exams

At the discretion of the instructor and with a valid reason submitted by the student, the student shall be given an opportunity to rewrite a test or exam at a mutually agreeable time, only if the student has informed the instructor or a member of the administration in advance of the originally scheduled test or exam.


Where reasonable evidence exists that a student has plagiarized from another source, the student shall redo the assignment and the student will be penalized 50% off the piece of work or exam. Any repetition will result in the expulsion of the student from the school.

Music Industry Professional (MIP)

A student graduating from both APP and AMP with Honours also earns Music Industry Professional (MIP) Certification.

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