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Q: What differentiates Harris institute from other schools?
A: 1. The highest teacher/student ratio with a 64-member faculty and 100 students.
  2. The first to offer accelerated 12 month diploma programs in audio production and the music industry taught by active industry leaders.
  3. Faculty members were the first to teach audio post, new media marketing, digital synthesis, tour management, studio design, music supervision, acoustics, and others.
  4. Recognized internationally for innovative educational approaches. The college has partnered with the International Fund for Ireland, University of the West of Scotland (UWS), Moscow International Film School, Edinburgh Napier University, BC’s Gulf Islands Film & Television School, Ontario Media Development Corporation, Music Managers Forum, Urban Music Association of Canada, and others.
  5. Programs combine the theoretical and skills based approach of college training with the case study and major team projects focus of a master's program.
  6. The only college or university in Canada to achieve three 0%  Student Loan Default Rates.
  7. The only college where graduates are eligible to earn BA and Honours Degrees in 8 months with tuitions waived.
  8. Graduates with degrees are eligible to be recommended for MA Programs at UWS and Napier.
  9. The college offers weekend certificate courses, created with the support of Ontario's Ministry of Culture.
  10. Issued $212,135. in Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries in 2010.
  11. The 64 faculty members have taught at Harris on average for 11.4 yrs. and have 1,400+ yrs. industry experience.
  12. The highest percentage of award winning faculty of any school at 41.7%.
  13. Harris graduates are playing leading roles in every area of the music industry.
Q: How do Harris tuitions compare with other Private Career Colleges (PCC) offering similar programs?
A: Information below is from the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities website.

No. of
*No. of
Student Loan Default Rate Cost per

OIART $29,800. 46125.6% $648.
Metalworks $22,700. 42 37N/A$540.
TARA $13,490. 30 26
Trebas $19,555. 48 3613.7%$407.
Harris $16,867. 4563 0%$374.
RAC $14,885. 40123.6% $372.

(music business)
No. of
*No. of
Student Loan Default Rate Cost per

Metalworks $19,700. 4230N/A $469.
Trebas $16,325. 483713.7%$340.
Harris $14,367. 45 660%$319.
*From college websites.
Q: Why are Harris tuitions less than other schools?
A: 1. Harris owns its 15,000 sq. ft. campus and does not need to recoup rental costs from tuitions.
  2. Over 90% of students have come from ‘word of mouth’. Advertising costs do not need to be recouped from tuitions.
  3. Harris does not use salespeople in its registration process. Commissions do not need to be recouped from tuitions.
  4. Harris faculty teach on a part time basis. Because they earn a living elsewhere, the faculty costs are moderate.
Q: Where is Harris Institute?
A: The college is located in the downtown core of Toronto, one of the world's most vibrant and multicultural cities. Major sports facilities, performance venues and cultural institutions are within walking distance. Public transportation is available from all areas of the city.
Q: How does the application procedure work?
A: Once a completed application is received (cover letter, resume, 2 letters of reference, transcripts and $100 application fee), the applicant is contacted by phone or email to schedule an interview with a Director prior to acceptance.
Q: What type of reference letter are you looking for?
A: Two letters from non relatives that demonstrate the applicant's longstanding interest in the field of study and a strong academic background are the most useful.
Q: When is the application deadline?
A: Applications received 90 or more days prior to a term start are given priority treatment. Applications received after the deadline are considered as space permits.
Q: Do I need to be a high school graduate?
A: Harris Institute only accepts those with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or its equivalent: GED (General Education Diploma), an entrance test from another post secondary school or a recognized mature student test. Preference is given to those with previous post-secondary education. For more information, visit
Q: If I apply to OSAP, how much funding can I expect?
A: The maximum loan for a single student with no dependants is $16,200. We recommend you investigate ‘Student Credit Lines’ at Canadian chartered banks. The rates and conditions are comparable. For further info on education planning strategies visit

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