BIO: Harris Institute hosts approximately 115 industry leaders annually including 30 in the Guest Lecture Series and 45+ guests as contributors to individual courses. An additional 40+ industry professionals paricipate annually as evaluators for major student projects. Over 1,100 industry leaders have participated in the Guest Lecture Series, including:

Eddie Schwartz - songwriter/producer
Martin Atkins - President, Invisible Records
Roger Harris - Creative Director & President, Vapor Music
Blair Packham - President, Blare Music
Alan McCusker Thompson - UWS Faculty.
Bob Wiseman - Independent Artist/Producer.
Chris Tedesco - Owner, DNA Recording.
Jamie Appleby - Sr. Director Marketing, Wind-up Ent.
Alex Lifeson - RUSH
Amy Fritz - President, Belmont Music
Norm Beaver - Music Supervisor, Nelvana
Marco Mondano - Owner, D.C. Music
Jordan Gracey - Music Content Manager,
Richard Flohil - Owner, Richard Flohil & Associates
Mark Radu - Audio Systems Engineer, PA Plus
Tex Paquette - Production Manager, House of Blues
Danny Greenspoon - Producer, Owner of The Audio Truck
Tim Potocic - President, Sonic Unyon
Daniel Mekinda - Partner, ib Entertainment
Richard Spence - Thomas - Spence-Thomas Audio Post
Peter Cardinali - Producer, Owner of Alma Records
Eric Alper - Media Relations, KOCH Entertainment
Greg Below - President, Distort Entertainment
Ken Stowar - Program Director, CIUT-fm
David Chester - Owner, The Chalet Studio
Emily Claire-Barlow - Jazz Artist, Producer
Mike Denney - Sales Manager, Fusion 3 Distribution
Laurence Godfrey - SOCAN, Industry Relations
Andy West - Music Content Producer,
Tonni Maruyama - GM, Epitaph Records Canada
Greg Hodowansky - Operations Manager, PA Plus
Benni Leigh - National Media, Sony-BMG
Aaron Key - Audio Engineer, Zoo Music
Lenny DeRose - Record Producer / Engineer
David Ramsahoye - Senior Audio Engineer, IMAX Films
David Cox - A & R Manager, Universal Music Canada
Robert Ott - Managing Partner, OLE Publishing
Leslie Charbon - Tour Manager, (Lightfoot, Cockburn)
Joe Natale - Sound Engineer, Niagara Falls View Casino
Sean Pearson - Mix Supervisor, Nelvana Films
Terry Brown - Producer / Engineer
Stephan Moccio - Producer / Recording Artist / Songwriter
Pavlo - Recording Artist
Jane Harbury - Independent Publicist
Brett Zalahi - Mastering Engineer
Kevin Drew - Broken Social Scene
Don Bird - Event Producer, Bird's Word Productions
Deddy Setton - Marketing Manager, Interscope Records
Darryl Hillock - Owner, Bluewater Studio
Greg Nori - Producer (Sum 41)
Tanya Dennis - Label Manager, KOCH Entertainment
Amin Bhatia - Owner, Bhatia Music
Rob Lanni - Co-President, Coalition Entertainment
Steve Herman - CEO, The Agency Group
Ross Porter - President, JazzFM
Daniel Cutler - Owner, Arts & Crafts
Orest Sushko - Engineer / Mixer, Post
Paula Danylevich - Owner, Hype Media
Larry Wanagas - Owner, Bumstead Records
Mari Dew - Partner, The Pocket Studios
Chris Perry - Independent Producer
Marilee Yorston - Independent Sound Design Engineer
Norm Alexander - Independent Producer

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